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aussiegirl [userpic]

What is this comm all about?

Talking. Ranting. Raving. Fangirling. Squeeing. Chatting. And... That's pretty much it really.

Which show?

Major Crimes, a TNT drama (which is sometimes a comedy).

Will there be spoilers?

Yep. In this world of downloading and streaming, you really need to get over this point.

Who can post?

Anyone. There is no moderation of posts. Anything is appropriate (unless it's against the law).

What if I don't agree with everyone else?

Say so. That will be the fun part, trying to woo you over to the dark side...

What are the rules of the comm?

1/ It would help if you watched the show. Being a fan of one of the stars is great and all, but you know, we'll be discussing the characters and the plot now and then... Just saying... Oh, and there's that spoiler thing.

2/ You have to be a member of this comm to participate or read the posts. All posts are m/locked. Membership is closed. Nothing is private on the internet, but this is as good as we can get to ensure our members feel free to say anything.


Ask them on this post. All comments are screened, just in case you're feeling confused about our less than satisfactory explanation.

Or you can pm bsg_aussiegirl, bugsfic or akachankami

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